Disaster Relief

In times of disaster, Machjet International understands the need to respond quickly to time sensitive situations (flood, fires, cyclone devastation etc) where materials & supplies are needed urgently, or even Medivac a patient from remote areas to a major city or town.  All our aircraft have the capacity to carry everything from food, milk, water, & medical supplies, to rescue gear, tooling & machinery, and even transporting full specialist crew to the disaster area to assist the people that need aid.  

With our quick response team, we can get our pilots, necessary gear/equipment and aircraft in the air at very short notice 24/7.  

At Machjet International, we are proud to operate the Beechcraft King Air B200C, which has become the worldwide standard for remote fixed wing air ambulance operations.

Our goal is to adapt to the medical needs of each patient, whether providing international transportation or Medivac services at reasonable rates.

With our specialised Douglas track, we can quickly and easily convert from our passenger configuration to a Medivac configuration, which includes a stretcher system that can be inserted and locked into place ready to transport patients.

Safe, dependable and quiet, our aircraft can access the most remote airstrips to allow for fast air evacuation, while transferring your patient with the utmost care and safety.  

In conjunction with our sister company, McDermott Aviation, we also conduct winching operations with our fleet of multi engine helicopters. Our winching Operations are CASA approved and furthermore are framed within our safety management system and ISO 9001 approvals. McDermott Aviation is subject to strict industry and client winching audits on a regular basis. We maintain a pool of full time highly trained and skilled pilots, crewman and 'down the wire' crewmen on staff to conduct operations for various fire agencies, AUSSAR and government bodies.  

The Eurocopter Dauphin helicopter, as widely used by the United States Coast Guard, is industry recognised as among the best type of search and rescue aircraft given it's inherent stability and power margins allows for winching operations in often difficult circumstances. Furthermore the speed of the aircraft also allows the transport of personnel in the shortest possible time.

McDermott Aviation's helicopters are equipped with the variable speed 'Air Equipment' electric winch. The winch is installed on the pilot's side of the aircraft, to maximise the efficiency and safety of winching operations. The winch cable is 90 meters in length and the winch is capable of a maximum load of 272kg or 600 Lbs.

For further information, please call Machjet International on +617 5457 0778 or our operations team on +614 09 341 441 or +614 24 943 934, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.