McDermott Aviation Heli-lift Australia specialises in helicopter aerial lifting and construction. We own & operate a fleet of around 30 helicopters ranging from the Bell 214B, Bell 204, Bell 205, Bell 206, Bell 47, and a fleet of twin engine helicopters - AS 355-F1 Twin Squirrel and the AS365N/N2 Dauphin.

Our fleet of eight Bell 214B “Heavy-Lifter” helicopters have the capability of carrying loads up to 3000kg on the hook, and have proven themselves to be the right combination as excellent lifting machines and have been well utilized in the construction industry, particularly in inaccessible and environmentally sensitive areas.

McDermott Aviation takes our Aerial Crane and Helicopter Lifting very seriously. This is not just a sideline business; it is a large part of our business. Because of this, we have some of the best precision aerial crane pilots in the world.

All of our lifting helicopters are equipped for all aspects of aerial lifting & construction operations including long line capability of up to 100m, and lightweight aluminum concrete kibbles with a capacity of 1.0 m2, which allows for quick and cost effective concrete placement to remote areas.

As part of our aerial crane operations, we supply all ground personnel including qualified riggers/dogmen, as well as a full range of heli-lifting nets, strops, and lifting slings for all types of aerial lifting requirements.All of our lifting and safety equipment is registered electronically as well as tagged and tested as per required schedule to ensure serviceability and safety during all of our lifting operations.

Throughout the years, McDermott Aviation has conducted aerial lifting operations for many of the world’s largest mining, oil & gas, utility, exploration, and salvage companies as well as using our helicopters for crane companies as a cost effective lifting solution, or aerial crane!!!

Other lifting operations often include Spa’s, air conditioning units, pipes & materials for dredging operations, steel structures, machinery, excavators, bobcats, concrete towers, and power poles. Why use an Aerial Crane, or carry out a helicopter lift?? With minimal set up costs, fast delivery, unlimited reach, more often than not – the helicopter lift is the easiest and most cost effective option…

Prior to ALL operations, risk assessments are carried out to ensure safety of our crew, our client, and our cargo. Any ‘High Risk’ activities are covered by a site specific Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

At McDermott Aviation, safety is our Number 1 priority, so we are very proud of the fact that we hold an uncompromising safety record.

Feel free to contact us for your next lifting operation, you will find our kind and courteous staff easy to deal with. We understand this may be your first helicopter lift and it may seem daunting, our friendly staff will be able to guide you through the process and ensure your helicopter lift will be an enjoyable experience.