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Leather Protection

Cleaning and dressing the leather in your aircraft every 3-6 months helps to protect it from the drying effects of air-conditioning and sunlight. The leather will preserve its soft, supple, classic appearance for longer and this will help to retain the resale value of your investment.


Exterior Paint Protection

It is important to protect your aircrafts paintwork from harsh elements such as UV rays, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings, fallout, exhaust-stained surfaces and fuel stains. One of the best ways to protect an aircraft from the elements is to polish it at least twice a year. Our polishing service team uses premium products to protect your paintwork, restore aircraft surfaces and retain the value of your investment. We offer a wide range of cleaning and polishing services to suit your requirements.


Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning and extraction service restores carpet appearance, eliminates odours and helps to prevent carpet deterioration.


Fresh Start Odour Removal

Ensure passenger comfort by eliminating nasty cabin odours such as sweaty legs, bacteria, sunscreen, wet carpets and airsickness.


General Cabin Cleaning

For the comfort of your passengers, our highly trained team of professionals polish windows, tidy seatbelts, vacuum carpets, wipe overhead lockers and deodorize the cabin. We can also provide a complete interior overhaul including detail and cleaning of roof and wall linings, floor coverings, galley, toilet and entry areas.


Upholstery and Seats

Keep the cabin fresh with the removal of stains and odours that may have collected in your upholstery and seats. If possible, the removal of cabin seats will allow a complete detail of seat frames, seat belts, carpets and tracks, plus access to difficult areas such as lower wall linings where residues may have accumulated.


Quick Turnaround Cleaning

Machjet International offers complete interior cleaning between flights for your client’s comfort and convenience. The quick turnaround service includes polishing of windows, deodorisation of cabin and seat belt placement, cleaning of toilet, table trays, seat pockets, and hard and soft floor coverings. Books are essential and any special requirements can be arranged on request.


Undercarriage Cleaning

The team can remove tar, fuel stains and brake dust from wheels, wheel wells, flaps and underbody. The undercarriage cleaning service is offered after maintenance of the aircraft has been completed where excess grease from service wheel bearings has spattered the undercarriage area.


Cockpit Cleaning

The aircraft cockpit is a delicate area that requires specialized care. This service gives the cockpit a new shine and fresh appearance through the use of our specialised tools and dust-repellent, anti-static cleaners.


Metal Polishing

Spinners, intake heaters, leading wing, fin and tail edges can become dull and tarnished from the harsh effects of heat. Our metal polishing service helps to restore shine and protect these areas from any further discolouration.


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