Safety management holds the key to this organization’s future and affects everything we do. Safety management includes all areas of safety, security, health and environmental management. 

Machjet International has implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) to direct all personnel in the safe delivery of helicopter operations.  SMS is a proactive, integrated approach to safety management and part of an overall management process that Machjet International has adopted to ensure that it’s operational goals can be achieved safely and effectively.  SMS embraces the principle that the identification and management of risk increases the likelihood of accomplishing the mission.  Hazards can be identified and dealt with systematically in a format which facilitates continuous improvement and professionalism.  Auditing and monitoring processes ensure that all activities are carried out in such a way as to minimize the risks inherent in flight operations and support activities.

Management is committed to the SMS and has established leadership for the program and will continue to demonstrate, through everyday actions, the commitment to safety and its priority in the achievements of the organization. 

The processes in place in the SMS include the active involvement of all staff, managers and supervisors, who, through planning and review, will drive efforts for continuing improvement in safety and safety performance.  The key focus is the safe operations of airworthy aircraft.

Safety audits are essential components of the SMS.  These internal and external audits review systems, identify safety issues, prioritize safety issues, involve all personnel and enhance the safety of operations.

Machjet International Safety Principles

  • Always operate in the safest manner practicable.
  • Never take unnecessary risks.
  • Familiarity and prolonged exposure without incident leads to a loss of appreciation of risk.  Safe does not mean risk free.
  • Everyone is responsible for the identification and management of risk.
  • A culture of open reporting of all safety hazards in which management will not initiate disciplinary action against any personnel, who in good faith, due to unintentional conduct, disclose a hazard or safety incident.


The health, wellbeing and safety of personnel are of paramount importance to Machjet Aviation.  All individuals have a right to be safe when present at a Machjet International site.  Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD), when present in persons in the workplace, have the potential to increase risk of harm in the workplace and adversely impact upon fitness for work.  

Machjet International has a duty of care to minimise the risk of accident, incident and injury in the workplace arising from the consumption of alcohol or other drugs.  The purpose of this policy is to outline the strategies and processes that will be used by Machjet International to manage the risks associated with use, or recent use, of alcohol or other drugs by persons in the workplace.  

Machjet International takes a multi-strategy approach that incorporates education, support, testing and performance management.  The policy is based on safety outcomes and not whether a positive test result is illicit or legal.  This policy also recognises permissible therapeutic drug use under the guidance of a physician or pharmacist.