With the risk of Mosquito-borne diseases seemly more widespread, it has become necessary to control the Mosquito larvae to reduce the severity and try to mitigate excessive occurrence of mosquito borne disease.

McDermott Aviation has been carrying out aerial application of mosquito larva since 1984. We are the longest established mosquito control aerial applicators, with nearly 30 years experience and a well proven track record for reliability, efficiency and the ability to get the job done. During this time, we have helped with the establishment of mosquito control programs for various local authorities from Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, through to Hervey Bay.

McDermott Aviation assisted in the development and improved the aerial application of sand based larvacide and insect growth regulators to enable very low, accurate application rates. We have been instrumental in testing and proving new formulations and techniques for aerial application of new mosquito control agents, particularly Ultra Low Volume application of liquid larvacide and B.T.I.'s, which is a protein produced in a fermentation process by the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, and an insect growth regulator called “Methoprene”. For best results, treatment for mosquito larvae is performed while the larvae is still concentrated in their breeding site and before they emerge and disperse as adults looking for blood.

The sand granules used are applied from a hopper carried under the helicopter, at a rate of 3 kg of sand per hectare, or Bti in water through booms, applied at a total volume of 3 litres per hectare, and by using a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) in the helicopter, accurate tracking over the salt marsh can be achieved.

McDermott Aviation has ongoing 'long term' contracts with many government bodies/authorities, including: Gold Coast City Council, Brisbane City Council, Redland Bay City Council, Sunshine Coast City Council, Hervey Bay City Council, QLD Department of Primary Industries, and numerous other government departments locally and abroad.

The company's helicopter fleet is specifically set up for aerial application, including DGPS, smoke generating units and application monitoring equipment. We are usually able to provide 2 or more helicopters to a worksite where required.

At McDermott Aviation, safety is our Number 1 priority, so all of our aircraft are tracked via “real time” satellite tracking and is monitored from our office, and all management staff remotely.