SA365N/N2 Dauphin

The AS365N2 Dauphin is an extremely fast, reliable and comfortable helicopter with kind passenger motion.  With the internal and external load carrying capability, coupled with excellent fuel economy and endurance, (up to 3.3 Hrs), makes the AS365N2 helicopter impressive for carrying out Aerial Lifting, Charter, VIP Charter, Cargo/Freight, and Medivac operations.  

McDermott Aviation operate several Dauphin’s in a variety of different roles, from utility work including fire-fighting and aerial lifting, through to VIP Charter and Medivac operations. The AS365N2 Dauphin has a proven track record in the harshest environments in the world, making them an excellent choice to ensure reliability and above all – safety.  

This stable machine has proven capacity for winching operations of up to 270kg/2 person. It also has the enhanced safety of the twin-engine performance and reliability with the enclosed ‘fenestron’ tail rotor assembly, and has a multi-mission operation including NVG, night sun high-resolution thermal & digital imagery and FLIR.  

AIRcraft Specifications


Crew Single Pilot VFR
  Single Pilot IFR
  Two Pilots as required
Capacity 8 - High Density up to 12
Lift capacity* 1200 Kg
Max Hook Load 1600 Kg
External Hoist Load 270 Kg
Endurance 3 Hours
Cruise Speed 140 Kts
Max Air Speed 150 Kts
Power plant 2 x Ariel 1C2
*Lift Capacity Limitations based on precision placement.