To assist our huge range of helicopter fleet, we have support vehicles that which include fuel trucks and maintenance vehicles.

Our fuel trucks, aka 'nurse trucks', provide on-site loading, and have fuel capacity of up to 20,000 litres per truck. Several of our trucks are fitted with 'on top' Heli deck landing platform, which enables a safer working area for those on the ground as well as requiring less of a 'prepared' landing area. It also enables very quick site moving set up time as the unit is completely 'self contained' with all mixing and loading equipment fitted to the truck.

Loading times for work being operated ‘on top’ of the Heli deck landing platform on the ‘nurse truck’ can be accomplished in less than 60 seconds, pending on weather conditions and treatment type.

The mixing system has accurate volumetric measuring vessels, which enable product to be added to the mix tank with minimum handling, and a delivery hose which is fitted with either 2” or 3" ‘Buckeye’ dry break connections so as to eliminate spillage during loading.

To provide support to our helicopter fleet, McDermott Aviation supply maintenance vehicles, which consists of Mercedes 'Sprinter' vans that are fully equipped with spare parts and tools that is essential for scheduled and preventative maintenance during operations away from one of our many fixed base operations.

All vehicles supplied by McDermott Aviation are fitted with UHF two-way radios (for coms with Helicopter/Ground staff), mobile telephones, and all of our loading trucks are fully insured, including $20m - $50m Public Liability. Since safety is our Number 1 priority, all vehicles including helicopters, trucks, & maintenance vehicles are fully equipped with safety gear, first aid kits, spill prevention/clear up gear, of which is checked & updated regularly.